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Niagara Region 2006 Census Maps & Charts

Census maps of the Niagara Region have been prepared at the census tract level. Charts offer a municipal look at census information. The maps and charts are available in (PDF) Portable Document Format.


Population CHARTS
Population Density
Population Change from 2001-2006
Population 65 Years of Older


Visible Minorities CHARTS
Immigration CHARTS
Visible Minority Population
French Ethnic Origin
Italian Ethnic Origin
German Ethnic Origin
Dutch Ethnic Origin
British Isles Ethnic Origin

Education by Highest Level Attained

Education CHARTS
Bachelor Degree or Higher
College Certificate or Diploma
High school Diploma
Apprenticeship or Trades Certificate
No School Certificate or Diploma Attained



Labour Force

Occupations CHARTS
Unemployment Rate: Persons 15 Years and Over
Labour Force in Sales & Service Occupations
Labour Force in Business Occupations
Labour Force in Occupations Unique to Primary Industry
Labour Force in Trades Occupations

Transportation to Work

Transportation CHARTS
Labour Force Using Public Transit
Labour Force Walking or Cycling to Work
People Working in the City Where They Live
People Commuting Beyond Their City of Residence


Average Full-time Income
Average Household Income
Female Average Full-time Income
Male Average Full-time Income


Housing CHARTS
Average Market Value of Dwelling
Average Gross Rent
Dwellings Rented
Dwellings Built from 2001-2006

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